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Voice Transcription App; Best App That Transcribes Audio

Voice Transcription App; Best App That Transcribes Audio. If you are someone who regularly records lectures, interviews, meetings, etc, you will find these Best Audio to Text apps to be useful in transcribing your recordings to text. Imagine yourself spending hours painstakingly starting and stopping recordings, and manually typing up every word said, you will agree that, that will be very exhausting and time-consuming. With automated transcription apps you can spend less time carrying out transcribing.

Now in the era of intelligent AI, you can instantly transcribe audio to text, saving you massive amounts of time and headaches. I’ve tested numerous top-rated transcription apps to reveal the best Recording transcription app. Keep reading for my can’t-live-without picks and pro tips for effortless automated transcription.

Voice Transcription App; Best App That Transcribes Audio – My Top Pick for Convenient Voice Transcription

If I had to choose just one top audio transcription app, without a doubt my recommendation would be This Voice transcription app offers the perfect balance of quick, easy voice notes and robust transcription capabilities for longer recordings. Otter has become my go-to app and I find myself using it multiple times per day.

With Otter, you can either record audio directly within the app itself or upload pre-recorded files like MP3, WAV, M4A, etc into the app. Once your audio is in Otter, its proprietary AI engine does an amazing job of transcribing your audio into text.

This transcribing app uses advanced artificial intelligence to listen to your audio recordings and convert speech to text automatically. I’m always amazed by how well it handles audio with multiple speakers, combining speech recognition and natural language processing. The transcripts even include punctuation in the appropriate places based on intonation, pauses, and more.

App That Transcribes Audio

One of my favorite Otter features is that you can record audio directly within the app. Just open Otter hit record, and capture any conversation or dictation. No separate recorder is needed! Otter will transcribe the audio online or offline.

Otter shines for quick transcriptions of things like interviews, voice memos, and meetings. You can upload files up to 6 hours long in the Pro plans. It even handles noisy background audio fairly with its machine learning advancements.

For light users, Otter offers a free plan with 60 minutes of transcription per month. But for professional users, I recommend upgrading to the paid Pro plan ($9/month) for unlimited use which is well worth the price

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Sonix – My Go-To for YouTube and Podcast Transcription  

If you want to extract text from online videos or podcasts, Sonix is an invaluable transcription tool. With Sonix you don’t have to manually transcribe interviews, lectures, or other content from YouTube, Vimeo, etc. All that is needed from you is the URL of the content, just copy and paste the URL into Sonix and let it work its magic.

After processing the audio, Sonix provides time-coded transcripts that you can proofread and edit within the interactive editor. It even separates speakers for you automatically! Once finalized, export or share the completed transcription in whatever format of your choice.


Under the hood, Sonix leverages AI algorithms to analyze audio files and convert them to text. I’m impressed by the accuracy, especially with clear audio. For less discernible sections, you can slow playback speed while reviewing to catch every word.

One advantage over Otter is that Sonix can transcribe audio in many different languages – so it’s great for translating foreign language interviews into English text. Like Otter, Sonix separates speakers in the finished transcript.

The basic Sonix plan is free and allows 60 minutes of transcription per month. Upgrading to a paid plan like Professional ($10/month) unlocks useful features like bulk uploading and team collaboration. Definitely worth exploring for media transcription needs.

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Trint – Automated Transcription App For Long Files 

Trint is one of  the best App that transcribes audio to text. Ftranscribing more complex recordings like multi-hour meetings, lectures, interviews, Trint is an invaluable automated solution. All you need is just the records, upload the audio or video files to Trint’s web platform or apps and watch how your audio is professionally transcribed by AI.

Trint’s speech-to-text technology blows me away in how it handles long files, speaker identification, punctuation, redacted sections and more. The transcripts capture conversations with unbelievable accuracy. You can speed up review by searching for keywords and navigating transcripts like a text document.

Trint - Automated Transcription App For Long File

Editing and sharing transcripts is easy and can be carry out right within the Trint’s intuitive online platform. The free version of Trint gives you access to up to one hours transcribing per month. If you want more transcribe time you will have to subscribe to their pro plan starting from $30/month. For researchers, journalists, students or anyone transcribing longer content, Trint is a must-try.

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Pro Transcribing Tips to Maximize Accuracy

While today’s speech-recognition technology has come a long way in terms of improvement, achieving perfect automated transcription still requires a few best practices. Here are my top tips for getting great results from transcribing audio:

– Record your audio with clear audio quality whenever possible. If possible make use of microphones as it reduce background noise more in comparison with device mics.

– Speak clearly and not too quickly during recordings. You don’t want to be too fast when recording so that the transcribing app can clearly catches all sound.

– Upload high-quality audio files (MP3, WAV, M4A) for best accuracy. Higher sample rates are ideal.

– Review transcripts while listening to catch any errors. Slowing down playback helps identify mistakes.

– Use punctuation editing tools to fix mistakes the AI got wrong based on intonation.

– Re-transcribe sections the AI couldn’t decipher to perfect a transcript.


App That Transcribes Audio

As you can see, technology has made automated transcription so much faster and easier than ever before. With Otter, Sonix, Trint and other top apps, you can save hours of tedious manual work transcribing recordings.

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