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Cell Phone Plans In UK: 10 Best Cell Phone Plans In UK

Let’s take a look at best cell phone plans in UK. In finding the best UK Mobile plans when picking a new mobile carrier in the United Kingdom, there are lot one should weigh, from monthly cost to data limits, to contract terms and network coverage. Putting all that into consideration to help make your decision easier, I’ve compiled a pick for the top 10 best cell phone plans in the UK.

In each best cell phone plan in UK, listed below I cover their pros and cons, and also talkndata amounts, speeds, caps, and monthly pricing options.

10 Best Cell Phone Plans in UK

1. Three Mobile

Three is best know for Unlimited Data. If having no caps on your monthly data is key, Three offers unlimited data on plans starting around £22 per month. They offer outstanding roaming coverage across more than 70 destinations at no extra cost, and 5G access is standard at no extra charge which make the brand to be among the Best Cell Phone Plans In UK. However, coverage in rural areas of the UK may be inconsistent.

Three Mobile

Three Data, Speed And Pricing

  • – Data: Unlimited with no speed caps
  • – Speeds: Avg speeds: 25Mbps+; 5G access
  • – Monthly Price: From £22/month

Three Pros And Cons


  • – Unlimited data
  • – Free roaming in 70+ countries
  • – 5G access standard


  • – Spotty rural UK coverage
  • – Low minute allowances

2. Giffgaff

Giffgaff is known for being affordable and Flexible. Starting from £6 monthly you can enjoy browser the internet, making calls and texting, Giffgaff provides outstanding flexibility and value. With Giffgaff you can switch between affordable pre-paid plans each month and you aren’t locked into contracts. Just don’t expect any fancy phone subsidies though.

giffgaff sim

Giffgaff Pricing, Data And Speed

  • – Data: Options from 1GB to Always On unlimited
  • – Speeds: Avg speeds: 10Mbps; 4G only 
  • – Monthly Price: From £6/month

Giffgaff Pros And Cons


  • – Very affordable prices
  • – No long-term contracts
  • – Flexible to change monthly


  • – No phone financing options
  • – Smaller network coverage

3. Vodafone

For families needing multiple lines, Vodafone is the best cell phone plans in the UK, as it offers some of the most aggressive discounted rates at around £25 per month per line for unlimited data usage. Their coverage and speeds rank high across the UK, with super-fast 5G availability in 46 cities in the UK. With the Vodafone 4G Red plans you get 6 months free access to Sky Sports and Spotify.

vodafone sim
Best Cell Phone Plans In UK

Vodafone Pricing, Data And Speeds

  • – Data: Unlimited max speed options    
  • – Speeds: Avg speeds: 20Mbps+; Wide 5G access
  • – Monthly Price: From £23/month

Vodafone Pros and Cons


  • – Best family discounted rates 
  • – Strong UK coverage
  • – Fast speeds


  • – Restrictive 6 month sign ups
  • – Rural gaps persist

4. EE Mobile

EE takes the crown for fastest average mobile data speeds in the UK as well as the widest overall UK coverage. With unlimited LTE plans from £34/month, it’s a reliable flagship carrier albeit at somewhat premium prices.

EE impresses by having 5G connectivity already available in over 80 locations across the UK. When accessing these ultra-fast next generation speeds, EE customers enjoy unrivaled performance up to 60Mbps even on lower cost plans when browsing the web or streaming content. This combination of widespread 5G access and rapid speeds cements their network as the fastest in the country.

However, for all their strengths advancing into cutting-edge 5G territory ahead of competitors, affordability remains a weak spot for EE. The majority of their plan pricing still rates as high when compared against other major UK carriers.

EE mobile

EE Pricing, Data and Speed

  • – Data: Up to 160GB high speed; Unlimited slower data  plans
  • – Speeds: Fastest avg speeds overall; High availability 5G 
  • – Monthly Price: From £34/month

EE Pros And Cons


  • – Fastest average UK speeds
  • – Widest overall UK coverage


  • – More expensive
  • – Rural areas have gaps

5. Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile is known for Customized & Flexible Contracts. Piggybacking off O2’s decent network, Tesco Mobile stands out for highly customized 1 month rolling contracts with flexible data amounts. With roaming options available in over 48 locations in the UK, having multiple Tesco accounts grants you complimentary incentives and family perks. You get affordable plans for calls, texts, and data, although the network’s roaming costs are relatively high when compared to others. Nevertheless, it stands among the top mobile networks in the United Kingdom.

tesco mobile

Tesco Mobile Pricing, Data And Speed

  • – Data: Options from 500MB to 100GB
  • – Speeds: Avg speeds: 12Mbps; 4G only
  • – Monthly Price: From £7.50/month

Tesco Mobile Pros and Cons


  • – Customized flexible contracts
  • – Reasonably priced


  • – No unlimited data
  • – Uses smaller O2 network

6. iD Mobile

iD Mobile provide low-cost Data Rolling Plans! With just £20 per month you get up to 100GB of data and 1-month rolling plans that let your leftover data tag along for up to a whole year. iD Mobile taps into three networks, granting users the same internet speeds as three. Their inclusive Roaming package spans across 50 locations in the UK and users receive a 10GB data cushion for emergencies, they are among the Best Cell Phone Plans In UK

id mobile

iD Mobile Pricing, Data And Speed

  • – Data: Unlimited data cap with some max speed limits
  • – Speeds: Max speed of 20Mbps; 4G only   
  • – Monthly Price: From £20/month

iD Mobile Pros And Cons


  • – Low cost data plans
  • – Unused data rolls over


  • – Only 4G network speeds
  • – Smaller provider reach

7. 02 Mobile

With over 16,000 free mobile hotspots across the UK, O2 has established itself in the market over time. Their network delivers 99% nationwide coverage, with 5G available in more than 150 towns and cities. Although unlimited data plans are not offered, O2 provides flexible options tailored to customers. Numbers can also be used abroad in 49 different locations. Additionally, O2 customers receive priority bookings for events at O2 venues, adding exclusivity.

02 mobile

O2 Pricing, Data and Speed

  • – Data: Unlimited with throttling after 100GB
  • – Speeds: Avg speeds: 18Mbps; Growing 5G access
  • – Monthly Price: From £24/month 

O2 Pros And Cons


  • – Unlimited Plans Available
  • – Roaming Across Europe
  • – Top priority customer perks


  • – UK network performance lags
  • – No standout cell plan deals

8. Plusnet Mobile

Plusnet Mobile caters to those seeking the basic necessities – calls, texts and data – at low prices. Their super competitive rates appeal to customers wanting bare essential plans without many bells and whistles. However, perks like customized family plans or blazing fast speeds aren’t part of the bargain. For the budget-conscious needing just the basics, Plusnet Mobile delivers simple, and affordable options.

plusnet mobile

Plusnet Pricing, Data And Speed

  • – Data: Options from 100MB to Unlimited
  • – Speeds: Slower avg speeds so far; expanding to 5G
  • – Monthly Price: From £6/month

Plusnet Mobile Pros And Cons


  • – Very low cost bundles


  • – Slower network speeds
  • – Less plan variety

9. Sky Mobile

Sky Mobile lets light data users bank 100% of their unused monthly data for up to 3 years. Although capped at 25GB of high-speed data each month, you can roll over any leftover data as a safety net for the future. Sky taps into O2’s network, delivering 4G coverage across 98% of the UK. Additionally, if you don’t use all of your data allowance one month, it rolls over to the next on select Sky plans.

Upgrading your phone mid-contract is also possible with Sky. Perks include streaming Sky apps without touching your data and banking leftover data for up to 36 months. While phone selection is limited, the ability to customize your mix of calls, texts, and data on plans allows flexibility. For worry-free data banking and rollout, Sky Mobile delivers. so with all this we can say Sky Mobile is one of the best cell phone plans in the UK.

sky mobile

Sky Mobile Pricing, Data And Speed

  • – Data: 25GB high speed cap
  • – Speeds: Avg speeds: 23Mbps; 4G focus currently 
  • – Monthly Price: From £21/month

Sky Mobile Pros And Cons


  • – Rollover unused data
  • – Streaming perks


  • – Data caps each month
  • – 12 month contracts

10. Virgin Mobile

Riding on EE’s UK network, Virgin Mobile provides unlimited minutes, texts, and up to 30GB of high speed data for approximately £25 per month. While not the most affordable option outright, Virgin offers a competitive package, bundling unlimited essentials with  high speed data. For those seeking unlimited communications without data restraints every billing cycle, Virgin checks all the boxes at a fair price point.

virgin mobile

Virgin Mobile Pricing, Data And Speed

  • – Data: Truly unlimited high speed options
  • – Speeds: Avg speeds: 22Mbps+; Solid 5G availability 
  • – Monthly Price: From £25/month

Virgin Mobile Pros And Cons


  • – Unlimited minutes & texts
  • – Uses EE’s strong network


  • – High speed data capped
  • – Pricier reputation


These are the 10 Best Cell Phone Plans In UK. Hopefully these top 10 breakdowns help you select the right carrier and plan across the wide UK mobile landscape! Let me know in the comment section if you have any other questions. If you are a student studying in the UK, do well to check  UK mobile phone plans for international students

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