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How Much Does it Cost to Fix A Phone Camera

How Much Does it Cost to Fix A Phone Camera? The cameras on our smartphones have become incredibly advanced and have important features we can’t do without. We capture life’s moments, take artsy photos, and even scan documents using our phone cameras. So when your phone’s camera stops working properly, it can be a huge inconvenience for you. But how much will it cost to get your phone camera fixed? Let’s take a look:

Phone Camera Inspection Fees

Before your smartphone camera can be fixed, your phone will first pass through inspection, evaluating what exactly is wrong with your phone and camera and the cost to fix it. This inspection usually incurs a fee of about $20 – $40 depending on the shop you took it to. Below are some of the problems your phone camera may be having and the cost to fix them.

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Cleaning The Phone Camera Lens/Sensors

How Much Does it Cost to Fix A Phone Camera

If the issue your phone camera is having is simply dirt, dust, smudges, or other debris on the lens or sensors, a quick cleaning may do the trick and get it working perfectly. Some repair shops will do this for free with just the diagnostic fee or they could charge you about $10-$20 for them to carefully clean the phone camera components.

Lens Adjusting/Replacing the Camera Module

If the camera itself is misaligned, needs calibration, or simply needs a new camera module replacement, this costs more. For camera module adjustment or replacement expect to pay $50-$200 depending on your phone model. This requires taking apart the device and swapping the part with a new one.

Replacing the Main Logic Board

The worst case is if water or physical damage caused issues with the main internal logic board and the onboard image processor chip affecting the camera. Then the cost will skyrocket, this may involve charging the entire logic board, and it costs from $100-$300+ depending on your phone model.

Compare to a New Phone

Always compare the cost of fixing your phone with the cost of getting a new smartphone. If the cost to fix your phone camera exceeds 70% of the cost of a comparable new phone, it’s probably better to just upgrade altogether to a new phone.

The Bottom Line

Cost to Fix A Phone Camera/Most common phone camera issues like dirt or misalignment cost under $100 total to fix at a phone repair shop. But if the logic board is what contributes to your camera not working that could cost more than $200 to fix. Whatever the case is, evaluate the camera repair quote compared to the practical option of just purchasing a new phone before deciding. With the right phone technician, fixing your phone camera can be very affordable to get your phone’s camera working like new again.

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