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Saily – NordVPN eSIM, All You Should Know About The Global eSIM Service

NordVPN eSIM. NordVPN, the company behind one of the most popular virtual private network services, is entering the eSIM market with the launch of Saily. This new service aims to provide affordable and flexible cellular data plans to travelers and remote workers worldwide through eSIM technology.

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM, or embedded SIM, is a programmable SIM chip that allows you to activate a cellular plan from your phone’s settings without needing to switch out SIM cards physically. eSIMs provide more convenience and flexibility when dealing with multiple phone numbers and data plans.

How Saily Works

Saily will offer eSIM cellular plans in over 180 countries with no roaming fees. Users can browse plans based on the country they are traveling to or residing in, choose the right amount of data for their needs, and activate it on their eSIM-enabled device instantly. Plans can be paused or changed at any time as per usage needs.

Saily aims to provide reliable connectivity at lower costs compared to partnering with individual local carrier plans. The service will be especially useful for frequent travelers who are looking for affordable roaming across multiple countries.

Saily Key Benefits of Saily

  • Accessible data plans in 180+ countries with more options coming soon
  • No physical SIM cards are needed to manage.
  • Flexible plans that can be paused, changed, and renewed at any time
  • Cost savings compared to roaming on your domestic plan or buying local SIMs
  • Easy to set up and use while traveling abroad

Saily – NordVPN eSIM Availability

Saily is currently in early access beta testing mode, which allows interested users to try out the service and provide feedback before the official launch. The Daily app for both iOS and Android devices is expected to launch publicly later in 2024.

NordVPN History

NordVPN has become one of the top names in VPN services, with over 14 million users. The company is now expanding into the international eSIM space by applying its experience in powering reliable and cyber-secure connectivity around the world.

Saily - NordVPN eSIM

With Saily, NordVPN aims to make cellular data access simpler and more affordable for jet-setting remote workers and travelers alike. As with their VPN service, the focus lies in improving digital security as users take advantage of mobile connectivity abroad through eSIM technology.


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