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Top 10 Best Apps To Find Cheap Gas

Top 10 Best Apps To Find Cheap Gas. Finding the Cheapest Gas Near You: With gas prices seemingly always on the rise, saving money at the pump has become almost an obsession for many drivers. But hunting for the cheapest gas doesn’t have to be a stressful chore that eats up your spare time. With the right app, you can easily find stations with the lowest prices along your regular routes and destinations.

I’ve tested and compared the top apps for finding cheap gas, and one stands clearly above the rest: GasBuddy. What makes GasBuddy so powerful is its vast database of gas station price information crowd-sourced from its huge user base. At any given time, GasBuddy has the latest fuel prices for over 150,000 stations across North America. But you may be wondering, aside from GasBuddy: What Are The Top 10 Apps Find Cheap Gas? Find out below

Top 10 Best Apps to Find Cheap Gas

Top 10 Apps to Save Money on Gas. Finding cheap gas prices can feel frustrating. Fortunately, there are some great apps dedicated to helping you save money at the pump. After extensively testing the top gas apps, here is my definitive top 10 list:

1. GasBuddy

Top 10 Best Apps to Find Cheap GasGasBuddy

GasBuddy’s strength lies in its vast crowdsourced database of fuel prices from over 150,000 gas stations across North America. This peer-sourced data is extremely accurate and up-to-date, updated several times a day by GasBuddy’s large community of engaged drivers. Custom features like price change alerts and route-based recommendations make saving money easy and hassle-free.

2. Waze


As a popular navigation app, Waze has troves of crowdsourced driving data to draw from. Using aggregated gas price histories, Waze can reliably predict which stations currently have the best deals. It serves up these money-saving stations along any route a user enters into the app.

3. Gas Guru

Gas Guru

While not as large as GasBuddy’s user base, Gas Guru has an active community reporting up-to-the-minute gas prices at over 100,000 stations. But Gas Guru’s key advantage is its AI algorithms that predict price changes up to 72 hours in advance, allowing drivers to strategically time fill-ups around price drops.

4. AAA Mobile

AAA Mobile

AAA Mobile sources its gas price data from the American Automobile Association’s extensive gas station survey program. For AAA members, integration with the iconic membership cards provides further discounts at participating fuel stations when paying at the pump.

5. Google Maps

Google Maps gas price

As the world’s most popular navigation app, Google Maps uses powerful AI to aggregate gas price data from a variety of reputable sources, ensuring accuracy. Easy map and list search results can be filtered by fuel type, payment methods accepted, routes, and more.

6. Geico Mobile

Geico Mobile

Geico policyholders get extra perks like a helpful gas station locator highlighting low fuel prices on Geico’s Mobile app. Members also get discounts of up to 15 cents per gallon at over 14,000 Exxon, Mobil, and other branded stations through Geico’s partnership network.

7. MapQuest

mapquest gas prices

MapQuest combines crowdsourced gas price data with information from major fuel retailers and government statistics. Users can easily view fuel costs overlaid on maps or see prices in a sortable list. Advanced filters allow narrowing by fuel type, payment method, distance, and more.

8. Rand McNally

Rand McNally boasts high accuracy in their gas price finder thanks to a blend of government and crowdsourced figures. Their app also leverages this data to suggest money-saving route options to drivers. Users can set fuelling reminders when prices dip at their favourite stations.

9. GasPal

Transparency is the priority for GasPal, clearly showing users exactly when gas price data was last updated for each station. Ratings also reveal which member-submitted prices have greater verification. This allows drivers to decide which price points to trust most for savings.

10. Polaris

Rounding out the top 10 is the Polaris app which assists customers with their off-road vehicle brands. Polaris has its national network of “Payless” gas stations with discounted rates, all conveniently marked in the app’s finder tool for easy location.


With gas prices a constant concern, drivers need every advantage to spend less at the pump. Mapping your route or daily travel patterns with an intelligent gas finder app eliminates the guesswork and drives real savings.

GasBuddy leads the charge with the most robust real-time database, advanced features, and custom price notifications that combine to put savings on autopilot. But GasPal’s transparency or AAA’s membership perks could better suit some budgets and habits.

The bottom line is that convenience, reliability, and savings come standard with these ingenious gas apps. So tap into gas intelligence tailored to your needs

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