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MediaTek Teams Up With Google to Bring Advanced AI to More Affordable Phones

MediaTek Teams Up With Google. Chipmaker MediaTek has partnered with Google to enhance artificial intelligence capabilities in smartphones powered by MediaTek’s Dimensity 9300 and Dimensity 8300 5G chipsets. Specifically, the companies are optimising Google’s Gemini Nano AI model to run efficiently on these MediaTek platforms.

Gemini Nano is Google’s lightweight AI language model designed for on-device usage. By tuning its performance to maximize compatibility with the Dimensity 9300 and 8300, more smartphones in the mid-range price tier will benefit from advanced AI features driven by Gemini without relying as heavily on cloud computing.

On-Device AI Offers Advantages

Shifting AI tasks like speech recognition and image processing directly onto the smartphone chip brings noteworthy privacy, security, and reliability advantages compared to transmitting data to the cloud. It also reduces latency, allowing for quicker responses. This opens up possibilities for apps to deliver intuitive real-time interactions.

Most importantly, keeping AI computing localized on the device means features can work reliably even with limited data connectivity. By optimizing Gemini Nano for its smartphone chipsets, MediaTek is helping guarantee on-device AI readiness and performance for more cost-conscious consumers.

Currently Compatible Devices

Currently, the only phones utilizing the Dimensity 9300 flagship chip are the Vivo X90 Pro+ and the recently announced Oppo Find X6. Meanwhile, the Dimensity 8300 powers mid-range devices like the OnePlus Ace 2.

By collaborating with Google, MediaTek aims to extend advanced on-device intelligence to even more affordable smartphones. Software support through Google’s compatibility package will also make it simpler for manufacturers to implement Gemini Nano.

Empowering Broader AI Adoption

Previously, robust AI experiences powered by specialized chips were limited to premium-priced smartphones. With Gemini Nano tailored for the budget-friendly Dimensity 8300, Google’s AI capabilities can reach wider adoption.

MediaTek Teams Up With Google

As AI becomes an increasingly crucial way we interact with technology, MediaTek’s partnership enables more consumers to access these emerging features. With software and hardware working in harmony, people can enjoy personalized, intuitive assistance regardless of how much they spend on a device.

For MediaTek, this collaboration signifies a big step in making on-device AI more accessible. And for Google, it opens Gemini Nano to tap into new audiences previously out of reach. Together, they are democratizing smartphone AI.

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